Next Generation Marketing:

Managed E-marketing Solutions

Creating and managing an email marketing campaign in-house requires a wide range of technical and marketing skills. For most of us there just isn’t enough time or our technical skills are lacking. So the best option is to outsource your email marketing to fulfil its potential.

Why use an e-marketing solution?
Send your customers offers, newsletter, product launches, special events,

What can we do for you?

  • Create a design template
  • Create email content to present your message.
  • Build an Opt-in contact form for you website to collect and grow your email database.
  • Purchase a prospect list.
  • Clean your marketing list
  • Include a text version to avoid AntiSpam software rejections
  • Send a test email both html and text only to ensure compliance
  • Send ‘email campaign’
  • Handle bounces & unsubscribers
  • Provide statistics on Open rates, click thru rates bouncebacks & unsubscribers


Our Deal

  • We’ll register your domain.
  • Design a layout, add your content.
  • Test the links.
  • Create keyword and descriptions specific to your site.
  • Upload the finished site to the web.
  • Add to Google and the main directories

What you need to provide:

  • Your email content (use your own or pay extra for a template or personalised design)
  • Your database
  • Details of ‘send-time’,
  • Payment. Before processing we will take payment through Paypal. Once received we will call you to discuss your options and requirements.

We operate a simple pricing structure which consists of a Campaign Fee and an Emailing fee.

  • Campaign Fee: We charge a basic £39.95 fee per campaign. That covers setup, database management and a statistics report to allow you to assess the success of your campaign.
  • Emailing Fee: £9.95 per 500 email addresses
    There are no subscription costs or monthly fees.
  • Other Fees: Email layout design (see Graphic Design fees) We can design one or you can use one of our templates (Template Fee £14.95 per campaign). We can build you a contact form for your website (call for a quote).

So for as little as £59.85 you can email 1,000 customers. That’s just 6p per customer.