Website Design & Hosting

Based in Ballymoney we design and develop websites both locally and further afield. If you need experience and someone at the end of a telephone line 24-7 then give us a call to discuss your personal requirements. We also provide site visits regularly to ensure you are comfortable at all stages of your new sites development. We use only the latest and most reliable hosting support.

If you need a presence on the web but can’t afford to set aside the time or large sums of money to do this. We’ll build you a useable friendly website that is low cost to set up and run. Once you have your site for a while you may then wish to develop what your site offers. For most businesses a straight forward static site is more than adequate.
The first mistake most people make is to want an ‘all bells and whistles experience’. Apart from being extraordinarily expensive most surfers don’t need it. Based in Ballymoney we are both local and focused on business development.
Instead focus on simplicity and accuracy of information. Most visitors will want to be able to find you quickly and without hassle.

  • Keep it simple
  • Incorporate your logo and corporate colours.
  • Ensure easy access to your contact details
  • You’re easy to find on the main search engines.
  • Make clear what service/ product you provide
  • Avoid ‘Frames’ if possible
  • Run your site for a least a year to gain


Our Deal

  • We’ll register your domain.
  • Design a layout, add your content.
  • Test the links.
  • Create keyword and descriptions specific to your site.
  • Upload the finished site to the web.
  • Add to Google and the main directories

The Next Step

  • First we agree a budget
  • Next a plan or structure outline
  • We’ll secure your domain
  • We’ll create a template for your approval
  • Once approved we’ll formalise the site
  • Add Keywords and descriptions
  • Register carefully on the main search engines
  • Register on relevant key directories

You can use search engine optimisation (SEO) to help raise your site profile although there is no guarantee you can achieve this without bringing out your chequebook. When competing with multinational corporations you can't beat them on budget even with SEO, and associated technologies. The key is to remain local using and maintaining a top position on local directories. Most of these are free and some with small annual fees.
We will guide you on choosing a domain and register this for you. It’s important to choose a domain to suit your company, product and market. Having your own domain will provide you with unlimited emails

Send us an email of your needs.

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